Logitech M185

TYPE Portable / travel
ERGONOMICS Ambidextrous

’re not going to risk it and you can completely appreciate the plug-and-play convenience of the M185 cordless mouse. On top of that, this easy mouse treats your hand right with a contoured build.

The M185 is a Windows, IOS, Chrome OS, and Linux compliant USB wireless device. With an outstanding 10 m wireless reach, 3 buttons and an integrated optical mouse sensor this wireless Desktop mouse is not going to let you down when it comes to efficiency.

Plus, the Logitech M185 PC desktop mouse is designed to last and comes with a 3-year guarantee.

While there are many advantages to wireless mice, there are also several disadvantages.

The two primary worries appear to be the infrequent negative scenario and the deceased batteries – both of which would be deeply annoying if they arrive at the wrong moment. Generally speaking, the choice between wireless and wired mice is more about convenience.

Whether you require precision and quick reaction times, the wired mouse will most definitely match you better.

When you’re someone who wants to operate on a sofa or other untraditional places, you will love the ease and flexibility of a wireless cursor. There are several fantastic wired and wireless solutions, and you can’t go wrong anyway.

This ambidextrous wireless mouse, with its relaxed and contoured form, looks fantastic in any hand and is much superior to the touchpad.

Enjoy a sturdy scroll wheel and a battery life of up to 1 year with this USB wireless mouse that comes with an AA battery and a smart sleep mode app. The wireless mouse from Logitech comes with a 3-year guarantee.

Your Logitech controller can work on your Windows Computer, Mac, or laptop. Which ensures no matter what kind of machine you purchase now – or buy tomorrow – the mouse is going to be identical.

This wireless machine mouse is super easy to set up, and you’re not going to have to fiddle with electronics. Only plug in the little nano receiver, and you’re in company.

You get the same durability as a corded mouse with wireless usability and freedom-fast data transfer with almost no glitches or drop-outs.

Extra support with comfortable rubber handles multi-peripheral USB receiver pairing and battery condition indication.

If you mostly take trips or have a cramped desk, a wired mouse may be a nuisance. In the old days, wireless mice often were far less worthy than wired mice and deemed necessary new batteries every couple of days. Fortunately, wireless mice will now function pretty close to their wired equivalent, including for games, and also have rechargeable batteries. If you’re searching for a mouse that can be used every day to browse through Excel spreadsheets, throw it into your backpack to carry with you on a ride, or help you play sports, a decent wireless mouse lets you communicate more easily and enjoyably with your machine.

Logitech’s Options app is fully compatible with both Windows and macOS, which ensures that you can use and fully customize this device on either OS. Unfortunately, the high latency and low polling levels are alarming but are not supposed to be apparent in average daily usage, and only gamers will note a somewhat unresponsive environment. The cursor has a relatively large variety of CPIs on the underside.

This wireless Desktop mouse is not going to let you down when it comes to efficiency. Plus, the Logitech M185 PC desktop mouse is designed to last and comes with a 3-year guarantee.

While the right-handed feature of the mouse is convenient, the device itself is very big, and people with tiny hands have a hard time finding a suitable match irrespective of the grip size. Owing to its broad size and thumb rest, it is also challenging to use with a fingertip grip.

No cable, no wire yet! This is particularly helpful if you have USB ports at bizarre positions on your laptop/desktop.

Nice for media center uses. For starters, for. Whether you have a Raspberry Pi or a laptop/desktop connected to your Pc, the device can be controlled from a distance without any issues.

There are no issues of tugging / pulling on the cable, except by mistake, rendering it useless due to wire injury.

Those with USB charging are very costly. Many fairly priced models use the incorrect AA and AAA batteries. Added additional hassles if you run out of charge when you’re driving.

If it is a Bluetooth device, the Bluetooth tool on your laptop does not allow you to move files through Bluetooth until it is disconnected. This isn’t the problem, however, if it comes with a dongle.

It cannot last as long as the machine is mounted.

  • Wireless
  • More risk of slipping off the desk and cracking.