What you get within the box

The Lavince Sleep Headphones are available in a little box.

Inside, you’ll realise the material headphones, a small charging cable (more on it below), some directions, and a contact card if you would like to use the assurance.

Lavince Sleep Headphone

Connecting with Bluetooth

The Lavince Sleep Headphones work via Bluetooth, that is nice if you like to not have a cable in bed with you.

There’s no backup wired possibility tho’, therefore if you forget to charge them up, you can’t use them till you are doing.

They work with Apple and android devices, and connecting is simple. simply hold the centre button down on the front of the headband, and connect them to your phone or tablet.

It was straightforward to try to to, and my partner might conjointly connect with her device to borrow them once I disconnected. I didn’t have any problems with random disconnection, that is usually a plus.

For me, this can be one of the most reasons to use these Lavince Sleep Headphones. I actually like however you’ll be able to hear music in bed without concern regarding obtaining tangled within the cable within the middle of the night once ever-changing positions whereas you sleep.

Designed for comfort

The headphones are designed with comfort in mind, particularly once using them in bed. normal headphones, each in-ear and over-ear, aren’t continuously the most sensible to be used in bed – particularly for facet sleepers like ME.

The Lavince Sleep Headphones have a light-weight, breathable material you wear around your head, with little pockets seamed into them to accommodate the 2 comparatively thin speakers. you’ll modify the position of the speakers, however ideally they ought to sit additional or less over your ears.

The speakers are flat and soft, and so there’s some extra artifact within the band itself. To be honest, i assumed that either the management unit on the front or the speakers would go away a mark on my skin or feel uncomfortable. however they were fine on the entire.

If I wore all night, the headband left some light-weight mark on my forehead, however it presently pale. Personally, I used them for music once I got into bed, and so took them off to go to sleep, therefore it wasn’t a problem anyway.

The design is one that I liked and disliked for various reasons. I appreciate that they targeted on comfort, and that i might happily wear them whereas lying on my back, front or side, that is nice. So for me, they fulfill that perform rather well.

I additionally found them comfy to wear once running, and that they stayed in place well, despite my large strides bouncing me up and down.

However, the planning of the management unit on the front didn’t impress ME for aesthetic reasons. additional thereon within the next section!

The control unit on the front (How they look)

unfortunately, that feeling never went away. maybe I’m too self-conscious – I don’t recognize. however I’m sure i’d never wear the Lavince sleep headphones in my gym, as a result of the management unit on the forehead simply looks weird.

Even on my run, i used to be aware of folks watching ME. Admittedly, they’ll have simply been marveling at the large gray-haired man bobbing on. however their eyes were positively drawn to my forehead. perhaps they were questioning wherever they may get associate golem outfit too.

It’s not simply the very fact that you simply have buttons on your forehead. I conjointly found the choice to stitch the word ‘Enjoying’ over them quite uncommon. It’s like I’m advertising to the planet however I’m feeling regarding running.

Even simply the word ‘Enjoy’ would are higher. higher still would be a trendy emblem rather than a word. and also the ideal would be to possess the management unit utterly disguised thus it simply sounds like a reasonably plain band.

That’s simply my opinion and maybe some folks can price operate over type over I do.

When it involves the chamber, it doesn’t matter most and I’d be happy to use them often. My partner conjointly thought they looked odd, however was still terribly keen to possess them after I finished my review. She favourite however comfy they were and was affected by the sound quality.

How they work

Now I’ve finished my rant regarding the method the controls look, let’s refer the method they work.

To turn them on and off, you only hold down the center button for a few of seconds, that is okay.

To change track or the quantity, you wish to use a similar 2 buttons, that isn’t my favourite type of interface.

Despite whiney regarding the buttons wanting weird, ironically I really would like there have been 2 additional buttons! after you got to hold down the track modification button to access the quantity dynamical operation.

It’s nice that once lying in bed you’ll management your music with no need your device. however I simply would like it were easier to fine-tune the quantity you favour.

One final note is regarding the incoming calls. you’ll settle for or reject calls with the buttons on your head, then visit folks. I in person don’t use this feature tho’.

Speaker quality

When I pay $20 for headphones, I don’t sometimes expect nice things. expertise has instructed Maine well. However, i used to be terribly stunned by however smart the Lavince band sounds in bed.

The manufacturer doesn’t give any data regarding the electrical power, however they were a lot of louder than I expected with my phone cranked up.

More significantly, the sound was clear and had a way higher bass response than i used to be expecting. Classical, close and pop measured nice, and also the sound didn’t distort with the quantity turned up.

When being attentive to radio or a podcast, the sound of human speech was crisp, each on low and high volume.

Now, if you’re designing on mistreatment them for sports, and love blasting techno, significant metal or rock, you would possibly want they’d a bit a lot of power. however even whereas running, i believed they were adequate.

But for hour use, i used to be very affected. They were far better than any pillow speaker I’ve tried, and nearly as good as several earbuds within the same, or maybe slightly higher, worth vary.

How they compare to straightforward headphones

In the last half of my video, I demonstrate however they compare to traditional headphones.\ Comfort

Unless you lie on your back in the least times in bed, over-ear headphones simply aren’t viable. you’d would like a circular pillow to lie on your side!

In-ear headphones vary in comfort on your facet looking on their size and form, and your ear sensitivity. My giant Satyendra N. Bose Quiet Comfort twenty headphones aren’t ideal on my facet. however, my little AKGs are comparatively snug.

Personally, skinny I feel I believe you’ll still feel the Lavince band speaker after you lie on your facet – it’s not like they’re therefore thin you can’t feel them.

Therefore it’s simply a unique sensation from in-ear headphones, and can come back all the way down to personal preference. One purpose in-tuned in mind although is that in-ear headphones tend to fall out after you switch positions.

Sound quality and block out noise

The Lavince headphones hold their own compared to different affordable headphones. However, the sound quality isn’t any match for my $300 Satyendra N. Bose headphones, as you’d expect.

And if you’ve got headphones with active noise-cancellation, they’re going to do a much better job of block out snoring or external noise.

The Lavince can facilitate a bit, as you’ve got music right over your ears. however they won’t be ready to utterly block out a loud snoring partner right next to you in bed, or your intoxicated upstairs neighbors staggering around on creaky floorboards at one a.m.

Charging and power

The wireless sleep headphones associate with a brief micro-USB to USB cable to charge them. They don’t include an influence adapter, thus you’ll would like your own, or to charge them from a laptop. It takes 2 hours to charge them, and that they can then last for eight to 10 hours, or one hundred on standby (which I haven’t tested).


The headband itself is mechanically cleanable in cold water, however have to be compelled to be dry. you wish to require out the inner components 1st. I timed it, and it took simply a second to get rid of them, and just below four to place them back. It’s a bit fiddly. however if you’ve ever managed to string the entire elastic into a tracksuit, these are a breeze in comparison!

  • Good price.
  • Works with Bluetooth, thus there’s no cable in bed.
  • More comfortable than commonplace headphones for facet sleepers.
  • Good speaker quality and volume, with good bass and clear word.
  • Breathable mesh material.
  • Stretchy material that may work the majority.
  • Can be used for sleep or sports, and stays in situ well.
  • Works with Apple and humanoid phones or tablets. TV too, if it’s Bluetooth.
  • You can amend track and volume mistreatment of the electrical device on the headscarf.
  • Quick to charge – two hours for eight to ten hours usage.
  • Machine wash-and-wear.
  • The obvious buttons on the forehead look uncommon.
  • Can solely be connected with Bluetooth. There’s no wired possibility just in case you run out of charge within the night.
  • It’s fiddly to place the elements back in when laundry (it took ME four minutes once I regular it).